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JenniLyn Williams CSO (Chief "Snark" Officer)

Hey girl!

First off, you look gorgeous today. Secondly, welcome to Snarky Tea! We’re so glad you found us!

So why Snarky Tea? Well, with names like, “Gentle Sunshine”, or “Dancing Water Lily”, we never thought tea was for people like us - snarky ladies with bold personalities. On top of that, the blend names of typical teas offer very little relevant information. We want names that get right to the point. Tired? Drink this! Hungover? Drink this! Not to mention that coffee is harsh on the system; why can't we, the fabulous women who dare to push the envelope, enjoy the healthful benefits of tea too (damnit)!

But Snarky Tea is about much more than that. It’s about empowering our fellow women.

Open a magazine, turn on the television and you’ll see that there are an enormous number of overly sexualized brands with the same motive – to make women feel bad about themselves. We're not buying it!

We’re about strong women who are far from perfect.  We’re about sisterhood. We’re about self-love no matter the shape, size, color or criminal record (no judgment, girl). We want to arm women everywhere with fun, delicious tea and a boost of confidence. A winning combination! Each of our teas comes with a love letter to our customers on the back of the tin. Why? Because we love you and you deserve it! 

Let’s take this journey together (follow us on social media and become part of our circle of girlfriends) and ignite a spark of change in a world that needs its pompous ass kicked by a bunch of girls.


Tea and Sisterhood Forever

Jenni-Lyn Williams

Chief Snark Officer