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Snarky Scopes - Week of August 26

Snarky Scopes - Week of August 26


Shits still a little cray with Saturn and Uranus in retrograde and this week you should be focused on sitting your emboldened butt in the corner. While you normally hate to think before you act, it’s going to be super important to have the facts to back up any statements or promises you make. Oh, and for once in your damn life… pay attention to the details!


Get those hooves geared up to go because this week is full of  PASSION! ((BOW CHICKA WOW WOW)). Matters of the heart will come front and center and you should focus on friends, family, and relationships. We all know how dangerous it is to push a Taurus to do something they don’t want to do but this week you’re going to have to remember to take a leap of faith when the time is right.

FREEEEDOMMM! This week you’re going to feel like somebody let your nosy ass out of your cage. But try not to be too impulsive (as much as is possible for a Taurus, anyway) because rushing into certain things can mean losing sight of what matters. Don’t risk it and rise above; if you do, you will be super successful and we can totally party.

Girl, stop getting inside that emotional mind and use this week’s social energy to conversate! But be careful and pay attention to the words and actions of others. Your intuition (which is like, crazy good) will kick in and you might find not everything is as it seems. This week you’ll notice an up-tick in action and it’s important to be patient with yourself and others (and I mean, you get people, so you can totally do this).

This week is fierce and full of passion (just like you). But, unlike you, the theatrics will have to take a back seat so you can focus on the details. With the right care, you could have a financially rewarding week but get it in WRITING! Oh and happy birthday - we know you love it.


Don’t be too modest this week: you’re KILLING it! Daily issues will be handled with finesse and the universe is giving you the go-ahead for greater things. Though it’s against your nature to put yourself first, let your personality shine this week. And it's a helluva personality, if I do say so myself.

STOP BEING SO JUDGEY! This might be hard to hear; but there are things going on behind the scenes that you might not know about and any judgements passed this week will certainly set off events that can create major changes. But there is good news: this week is the perfect time for magic to happen.


This week your determination will pay off big time (and you don’t even have to beat anyone up to get there). Everyone is taking notice of your awesomeness and if you pay your cards right it can be a great week to bulk up that wallet. BUT CAUTION: don’t say anything you can’t back up!

DON’T MAKE IT AWKWARD! This week everyone seems to be petting your ego and you’ll be overloaded with compliments but be careful. You have a tendency to promise too much to others and with everyone looking to you it’s easy to get overloaded. As Nancy Regan said, "JUST SAY NO" if you're overwhelmed. 

YOU’RE OUTTA CONTROL! And you miiiight hate it. While you prefer to be in the drivers seat, embracing this week’s wild energy is sure to bring you to new places and greater responsibility. Which you obviously love because you're responsible AF. Rising above personal challenges and remaining open is key this week.

It’s gonna be a weird week (but you like weird). Dig deep within that big ole' bowl of personality and you’ll find all kinds of new talents this week; talents that can lead to greater financial strength in the future. Ride this strange energy and one thing will lead to another. You’re super intuitive so you probably already know this but: everything will work out. 


Get shit done, hon! This week is going to be jam-packed with action and you can accomplish a lot (if you want to). While you don’t always love attention, people are looking at you so make sure whatever you do this week, you do it 100%. And since you're the musicians of the zodiac... how 'bout that new Taylor Swift album (yeah, I'm a fan girl, JUDGE ME).