Anti-Social AF

April 16, 2018

Anti-Social AF

You know what I really f**king hate?


You feel me?

I mean, I like the people I’m related to … for the most part. And a few select individuals that pass my “can we really be friends” test (which includes me saying the f-word and seeing if you flinch).

But otherwise, I just want to be at home, drinking tea and reading some book that I’m not even proud to own and will probably lie about reading later (damn you, Nicholas Sparks).

Given my incredibly high social barriers in real life, I haven’t the faintest idea why I choose to peek in on the lives of complete strangers on social media. I don’t even like them. But alas, I scroll through their perfect photos and feel shitty about myself… it’s like choosing to be roommates with Gisele Bundchen ("no Gisele, I don't think that skirt makes you look fat").

It's no surprise that a number of studies that have linked social media use with increased levels of depression, anxiety, and isolation. In fact, social media has been scientifically proven to negatively affect our mental and physical health, our relationships and our self-esteem.

This recent article by Medical News Today tells us why a social media cleanse can help us become more relaxed, focused, and productive. Time to clean up our feeds.

So see ya later super fit people who are probably very nice but make me feel like a shapeless, gelatinous form. Goodbye crafty parents who somehow have time to personalize their kids lunch napkins. PEACE OUT social media profiles that have an endless array of white-washed pics of their perfect teeth (my dentist confirmed that you use Facetune but it still hurts). 

We can't control what other people are putting out there, but we can try to control whether or not we see it. By the way, our social media accounts will NEVER make you feel bad about yourself. We're very honest about how we fail at almost every aspect of being a normal human.

Now, back to that awful romance novel that I’ll casually slip into a “Free Little Library” box next week so no one sees it at my house. 

Happy Monday beauties!

XOXO Tea & Sisterhood Forever,


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