Spring Cleaning For The Soul

April 01, 2018

Spring Cleaning For The Soul

Well hello there April, you happy little month, you.

Bring on the flowers and the birds and the sweet, fresh air. It’s a time of rebirth, of new beginnings and quite frankly I’m ready for a clean start. 

I mean, is it just me or was 2017 really fucking weird? Was something cosmically askew last year? (Note to self: Google that). Here we are, four months into 2018 and I still find myself trying to shake off the insanity of last year.

Don’t get me wrong, so many joys came into my life in 2017; a new state, a new baby, an appearance on Shark Tank.

But with that came incredible chaos; settling into a new place, the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn, the sacrifice that comes with growing a new business.

Whatever your chaos was last year, it’s time to seal that shit up and send it on its way. #BYEBITCH 

Instead of focusing on spring cleaning in the traditional sense, I’m going to work on spring cleaning my soul this month.

First on the agenda, I'm breaking up with the pizza delivery man (BRB - crying). This week will be all about hanging up the excuses of a busy schedule and detoxing from 7 months of takeout and ice cream.

In fact, I'll be trying out our new detox tea this week (to be released in coming months). MIC DROP.

Stay tuned this April as we clear out the clutter of 2017 and make room for the new adventures of 2018. 

XOXO Tea & Sisterhood,


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