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Hey! I’m Jenni-Lyn. I bet you want to know how the hell this whole thing started. Well…

In June 2016 I left my safe corporate job and bet our entire nest egg on a profane tea business.

Why tea? Coffee doesn’t mix well with my crazy pills. Kidding (sort of). Truthfully, I was sick of those annoying caffeine withdraw headaches that tiptoed in around 10 a.m. every day. Once I switched to tea, not only did those migraines disappear, my entire digestive system felt better. It’s a nice little thing I do for myself (before/after eating a whole pizza alone)!

Why Snarky Tea? Well, with names like, “Gentle Sunshine”, or “Dancing Water Lily”, I never thought tea was for people like me; people who weren’t… 95-years-old and British.  On top of that, the blend names offered very little relevant information. I didn’t want to guess which tea I needed and when. I wanted something fun and to the point! Tired? Drink this! Hungover? Drink this!

But Snarky Tea is about much more than that… it’s about instilling confidence in women.

When my daughter was born, I became hyper-sensitive to the enormous number of overly sexualized brands with the same motive – to make women feel bad about themselves. “Skinny” this or “diet” that. Bikini-clad women in car ads, perfume ads, even burger ads!

That’s what Snarky Tea is trying to counteract. We’re about strong women who are far from perfect.  We’re about sisterhood. We’re about self-love no matter the shape, size, color or criminal record. Kidding (sort of). We want to arm women everywhere with fun, delicious tea and a boost of confidence. A winning combination!

Let’s take this journey together (follow our awesome blog) and ignite a spark of change in a world that needs it’s pompous assed kicked by a bunch of girls.


Tea and Sisterhood Forever