Move It Or Lose It - Energizing Loose Leaf Cold Brew Tea

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Lots of energy!!!!

"I love the cold brew Snarky energize tea! You have to try it to appreciate it. The flavor is mild and addicting, I can drink it all day."

- Janet D. on Dec. 2, 2020


Supercharge your day with a boost of smooth energy and focus!*

In Your Cup:

🍃 Smooth Matcha to support focus*

⚡️ High Voltage Yerba Mate to support smooth energy*

☄️ Zingy Turmeric to support vitality and wellness*

🌿 Black Tea

🧉 High Caffeine Tea (60-70mg per 8 oz cup)


Includes: Six 32 oz Servings (60 grams of loose leaf tea)

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