What Is The 6-Week Get Fit Challenge?
This is a free challenge open to all Snarky Detox Tea customers.

This challenge was established to create an environment of accountability and motivation to other women like you, who are looking to get fit, (or at least into the one outfit your closet keeps shrinking.)

The challenge includes your kit, a code for free shipping, membership to the private Facebook group, and a welcome to the #SnarkSquad and #SnarkyFit community.

In the private group, you share your goals, wins, and challenges. You will inspire and be inspired. You will also have your questions answered by the #SnarkyFit staff and community.

When Does The Contest Run?
Contest Runs June 1st. - July 15th
Snarky Tea Staff will choose the top 3 stories from the challenge, and on the weekend of July 12-14 you will vote and we will announce the winner of the $500 Snarky Swag Bag.

Purchase of a 6-week starter kit. ($35.99 Kit Only or $49.99 with a detox water bottle.)  Use code SNARKYFIT for free shipping. 
Be a member of our free private Facebook group.
Document your journey each week with posts, photos, or quick videos.

Like and follow our Facebook page.
Follow our Instagram page.
Post pics with #SnarkyFit

Other questions-
Will there be another one if I miss this one?
First, don’t wait to feel great. You can order a kit at any time. Contests and challenges will be throughout the year so you can jump in with a refill. We would still love to see your results and hear your story, so order your kit and we will let you know about the next challenge.

When you place your order for the Get Fit Starter Kit, you'll feel your inner power and love that comes joining a community of sisters that have your back, bring you up, and want to see you at your best.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed. Check with your physician before starting any exercise or weight loss routine. All testimonials are from real people.

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