Party Invites & Ideas

Party Invites & Ideas

Hosting a Snarky Tea party is not just a lucrative way to spend a Saturday afternoon, it's also a lot of FUN!

In order to attract hosts, you'll want to make sure they know it's not just another boring at-home event...

Here are some great ideas for making your tea parties unforgettable!

  • Ask the guests to dress the part; fun hats or fascinators at a minimum
  • Invite people to make a different tea sandwiches or scones; best tasting wins a prize (mug, tea, etc.)
  • Theme it! Tell attendees to come in character; best costume wins a prize
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Downtown Abbey
    • Doctor Who
    • Royals
  • Ask guests to bring their favorite mugs to drink from but to keep it secret by wrapping it up. When they arrive, collect the mugs without anyone else seeing, mix them up, set them out and have guests guess which mug belongs to which attendee.
  • Play the cursing game (yes, it's totally a real game). Go through the alphabet and try to come up with a curse word for each letter.

Create an invite that includes any of the details from above, that the host or yourself can send from Facebook or Evites.