Sales Program Tools

Welcome to our tools page!

We want to help you run your Snarky Tea business like a pro. We've added lots of resources, below to help you navigate taking orders and processing payments.



  • Collecting payments from customers

    • STRIPE

      • Getting Started
        • Customer does not need a stripe account
        • You will need the app for your phone, or desktop
        • To set up your Stripe account, you'll need your bank info
        • You can enter customers credit card information for point-of-sale transactions and email receipt 
        • Service keeps your sales data in a dashboard, prepares tax documents 
        • Note, there is a small fee for using this service 
      • To Download
    • PAYPAL

      • Getting Started
        • PayPal allows customer to transfer funds right from their PayPal account, to yours 
        • You can either invoice customers, or have customer "send money now" using the email associated with your account
        • You'll need to set up and connect your PayPal to your bank account for funds transfer
        • Tool creates dashboard to show sales and prepares tax documents
        • Note, there is a small fee for using this service
      • To Download