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      OH, HEY GIRL!

      • Interested in starting your OWN Snarky Tea business?
      • Wanna host kickass Snarky Tea parties?
      • Looking to start your own biz right from your house and have more fun while you make MONEY!


      What makes us different than those other direct sales programs? Ummm... you get to curse and drink tea with people all day. So obviously, it's way cooler. Oh and your initial investment is only $250 INCLUDING all the products you need to get started. After that, no minimum order size. 

      Worried about getting started? Don't worry girlfriend, we'll be holding your hand throughout the process. We will provide training, live Webinars with our Chief Snark Officer, social media content and LOTS MORE!

      If you want to join our BRAND NEW independent sales rep program, fill out the form below. We'll be in touch with how to get started.

      LET'S DO THIS!