Calm The F**k Down - Iced Tea

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Adulting is hard. Like, really hard. Picture yourself escaping to a remote island with Francisco the pool boy while sipping this delightful coconut & fruit rooibos.

BENEFITS: Green Rooibos serves as an anti-inflammatory while improving circulation, aiding digestion, and relieving hypertension. On top of that, it's beneficial for your bones, teeth, hair, and skin.

TASTES LIKE: A light, super smooth, fruity blend with notes of pineapple and coconut. Tastes Great Iced!  

SERVINGS: 15 whole leaf tea pyramids

CAFFEINE: Caffeine Free  

INGREDIENTS: Green Rooibos, Natural Flavor, Coconut Shred *Gluten Free*



  • Steep tea pyramid in 8 oz hot water for 3-5 mins
  • Remove tea bag
  • Pour over ice. 
  • ENJOY!


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