Cold Brew Sampler

Steepin' it real! 😜

With all the flavor & less commitment - our Cold Brew Sampler is the perfect option for tea newbies with curious taste buds! 😎

This sampler contains 100g of artisanal loose-leaf tea - that's over 33 cups of cold brew sippin'.

Includes Ten 10g Loose-Leaf Samples:

  • 2x Blackberry Orange: Wild Berry Citrus Herbal Blend
  • 2x Blueberry Apple Pie: Blueberry Apple Herbal Blend
  • 2x Tropical Punch: Fruity Rooibos Blend 
  • 2x Raspberry Lemonade: Raspberry Lemon Herbal Blend
  • 2x Peachy Keen: Peach Black Tea
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