About Us

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Oh wait, different story.

Let's try this again...

Hey girl! I'm Jenni-Lyn and I'm the weirdo behind this operation.

I started Snarky Tea in 2016 after my doctor politely informed me that drinking 7 cups of coffee a day wasn't "normal". She suggested I try tea... I suggested she go to hell. Okay, I didn't say that but I thought it.

I was a working professional, going back to school for my MBA and most importantly, I was a new mom. I was f**king tired! All the time. How was I going to fuel my crazy life with... tea?! I mean, I knew it was good for you; I knew coffee was giving me caffeine crashes and jitters and stomach aches. But tea was weak, meant for relaxing, consumed by BRITISH PEOPLE! (Shoutout to British people.)

The next day at my local coffee stop, I scanned the tea options which were incredibly confusing. Names like: Lemon Whisper, Hibiscus Dream.... ummm, what? I asked the barista if they had any teas called "Wake The F**k Up" because then I'd know exactly which to order.

And bam, Snarky Tea was born!

I decided to make Snarky Tea a bit of a metaphor. In my life, it seems that people expect me to be a cutesy, pastel loving, home crafting, polite laughing, lady. It seems they want me to fit into their little box of what a woman should be. They have expectations that I should be agreeable and mild-mannered. And that's exactly how I thought about tea.

So, by breaking tea out of it's box, and re-creating blends that were bold (in both name and flavor), I was hoping to encourage women to do the same.

It's okay to be honest and real and expressive. It's okay to laugh loudly and speak your mind. It's okay to be different. It's okay to say f**k expectations. In fact, it's so important that you do.

I did. And hey, look at where it got me. So many people told me this idea wouldn't work. So many people told me to "tone it down"... but I didn't (not in my life and not in my business). Now here I am, on this page, meeting you. How lucky am I?! 

Our teas were created with you in mind. They were created for the tired, the insomniacs, the stressed and the overwhelmed. They're purposeful and functional (meaning they actually do what they say they'll do)! I worked beside one of the best tea blenders in the world to bring you high-quality, delicious teas that fit perfectly into your modern lifestyle. And the results are amazing. 

Just check out our reviews on each of our product pages, and some more from our awesome FB fans.

It's rare to have a company with those kind of glowing reviews; and we're so grateful. Thank you for your interest in this little company, and KEEP SNARKIN'!

XOXO Tea & Sisterhood Forever,
Jenni-Lyn Williams