Snarky Tea 101

Hey girl! Wondering what’s up with this weird, foul-mouthed tea company? You’re in the right place. Consider this your crash course on Snarky Tea, where you learn who we are and what we stand for. (Hint: it’s more than just saying the word f**k, though we do love that too). 

How Did We Get Started?

Snarky Tea was founded in 2016 by our Chief Snark Officer, Jenni-Lyn Williams. Jenni-Lyn is a Philadelphia native who was running herself into the ground working for corporate America while earning her MBA and raising kids. It was a stressful life, and the more stressed she got, the more coffee she drank. After suffering from anxiety and mid-day jitters, she finally went to the doctor who told her she should consider switching to tea in order to cut back on caffeine. 
Cutting out coffee seemed like a death sentence, and the tea brands she saw in stores sounded like they were created for woodland fairies, not real women. Jenni-Lyn couldn’t find functional tea options that fit her personality, so she created her own; and Snarky Tea was born. 

Why So Snarky? 

For centuries women were taught to be seen and not heard. We were taught to be quiet and docile. Loud, outspoken women were considered hysterical, and not in the good way.
We here at Snarky Tea say f**k that sh*t. Women are powerhouses destined to change the world, and we believe our tea can help them do so. We’ve created a line of funny yet functional teas designed to get you operating at your best so you can keep kicking ass. Our teas are crafted to help guide you through every aspect of the day from getting out of bed, to tackling challenges at work, to unwinding and actually going to sleep on time. 

Yo...Weren’t You On Shark Tank?

You bet your sweet ass we were! In 2017 Jenni-Lyn served her teas to the sharks on Shark Tank and walked away with two investors, Kevin  O’Leary and Bethenny Frankel.
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Shark Tank story here

You’re OUR Cup Of Tea

We’re so excited to get to know you! We love supporting women and improving your lives by focusing on good health, a sense of humor, and happiness. There are many ways to get more involved with Snarky Tea. 
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Health. Humor. Happiness.

- The Snarky Team