Ours Vs. Theirs
If our tea existed in 1773, the Boston Tea Party never would have happened. People would have been like, “This is good shit. We’ll pay the extra tax, it’s cool.” 
Our tea is so good no one would have thrown it in the fucking harbor. 
What you should know is all tea is *not* created equal. 
Your average tea company sells tea bags that are filled with the dusty remains of broken tea leaves. This dust makes the tea taste weak and bitter, it reduces it to just a whisper of what it once was. 
Our tea on the other hand is not a whisper. Our tea is screaming Beyoncé karaoke lyrics. Our tea is ASMR of Brad Pitt saying you look cute today. Our tea is the sound of a room bursting with laughter after you make another clever joke, you funny thing you. Basically, our tea is bold as fuck.
Don’t believe us? Check out this video showing you our tea compared to your average, dusty ass store-bought tea.
We use whole leaf teas that are blended specifically for functionality. That means our teas are designed to do what we say they do. Whether you need help waking up in the morning or falling asleep at night, we have a tea for you.
Our teas are also environmentally friendly. They’re 100% biodegradable because they’re made from SOILON. 
SOILON is made from corn starch and is completely plastic-free! This material also allows for better water flow than your average teabag, making each cup you brew bolder and all-around better. 
The best way to experience the Snarky Tea difference is to try our functional teas for yourself. We’re pretty sure they’ll change your damn life. 
Our products are 100% guaranteed. If you’re not happy, you can always reach out to us here.
Health. Humor. Happiness.
-The Snarky Team