The names are great... but I bet the teas are crap.

We are strong believers that it's whats on the inside that counts. When you buy our teas you're not just buying a cute package; you're buying some of the best tea you'll ever have! Our blends were meticulously created to match their names, deliver on their promise AND taste amazing. They're good and good for you - take care of yourself girlfriend, you deserve it!

Which countries do you ship to and how long does it take?

We ship to The United States and Canada. 

Domestic packages typically take between 2-4 business days after receipt of shipment confirmation. Please be patient with us and USPS while we navigate the growth in orders and smaller staff size.

International packages typically take between 6-10 business days (but can take up to 21 business days according to USPS). 

Are the teas loose or in tea bags?

Our teas are packaged in super convenient, high-quality tea sachets. The sachet allows us to keep our teas whole leaf and makes the BEST cup of tea possible. Each tin comes with 15 whole leaf tea sachets.

Our SnarkyBRUW teas are loose leaf, including 60 grams of whole leaf tea in each bag. 

What about those of us with Allergies?

Tree Nut Allergy? - You're good, girlfriend! Our teas are all nut-free and processed in a nut-free facility!

Coconut Allergy? - Avoid Calm The F**k Down, Samoan Sunrise, & Piña Colada

Soy Allergy? - Avoid Sweet As F**k & Energize

Dairy Allergy? - Avoid Energize 

Avoiding Sugar? - Steer Clear of Sweet As F**k & Energize

Are your teas safe for diabetics?

Most of our teas are naturally sugar free, but if you have concerns, we recommend talking with your doctor before consumption. If you're avoiding sugar, steer clear of Sweet As F**k & Energize

What is the difference between Cleanse & Detox?

Detox is a daily tea that coats your stomach, gets your gut health in check, and beats the bloat!
Cleanse is a 2-3x a week tea that kick starts your metabolism and contains a small amount of Senna (a natural BM stimulant) to help your body get back in check!

How does the pricing compare to tea I can get at the grocery store?

Girlfriend... you're comparing Walmart to Prada. To find comparable pricing look at other high-quality tea brands which typically sell sachets for about $0.87 per cup (and they don't come with an awesome tin). Vogue Magazine didn't name us a must-have product for nothing. Now... TREAT YO SELF! This sh*t is delicious.

What if I don't like the tea?

Then call your doctor because you must be ill... KIDDING! All of our teas are guaranteed to please. If the order isn't your cup of tea (see what we did there?) you can return or exchange it within 15 days of the purchase date. Just email us at customerservice@snarkytea.com and we'll take care of the rest!