Hot Tea Sampler

Get it while it's hot! For this sampler, we've selected a variety of flavor, caff-levels, and tea types. From fruity to spiced, this sampler is sure to please even the biggest of tea snobs.

This sampler contains 100g of artisanal loose-leaf tea - that's over 33 cuppas!

Includes Ten 10g Loose-Leaf Samples:

  • Basic Black: high-caff brisk black tea
  • Peachy Keen: high-caff fruity black tea
  • Yerba Energy: high-caff spiced yerba mate
  • Good Morning Sunshine: medium-caff fruity green tea
  • Honey Lemon TLC: caff-free soothing green rooibos 
  • Apple Cider: caff-free sweet rooibos
  • Masala Chai: caff-free spiced  r ooibos
  • Hibiscus Glow: caff-free fruity  r ooibos
  • Blackberry Orange:  caff-free fruity herbal
  • Dreamcaff-free lulling herbal
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