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"Normally you see gimmicky names that make people buy, only with minimal effort/result in the actual product. I'm in LOVE with these teas. Wonderful Job!"

"I've been drinking Namaste Mother F**ker and I know it's made me more bendy in the studio and definitely more badass on the street!" - Stacie from Calgary, AB

"Thank you for making the best tea I've ever had (insanely tasty flavors), having the most amazing packaging (literally, every single detail about the packaging) and the best customer care ever! This was the best gift (in my opinion as well as my friends) I've ever given and will certainly be buying more for gifts and myself :-)"

"OMG! But these teas, though! Not only does Get Your Sh*t Together help the morning-after over-indulgence ick, it is also really nice as a mid-morning on-the-job "chill the f*ck out" break! Fierce B*tch is an awesome alternative to coffee when the mid-afternoon slump hits at the office. Love these teas and going to order more!" - Jules from Goldsboro, NC

"Amazing tea. I am a tea wh*re. I have a huge China hutch filled with tea. I bought the Get Your Sh*t together and it's one of my favs now. I will be ordering the rest some time in the next week. Sincerely your new best friend." - Amanda from Galt, CA

"Love the teas and the tins add some much needed light-hearted attitude to my day at the office!

"So awesome!!! Great tasting tea that does exactly what it promises!!! Fastest delivery ever!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!"

"Keep up the amazing teas. They are as fabulous as unicorns farting glitter."

"I am usually a sweet tea girl, the more devil sugar the better, but your calm the f**k down doesn't need ANY. I don't know who sold their soul for that but well done!"

"Your tea is so yummy! Keep up the good work!"

"Almost finished my first bundle can't wait to order my next!!"

"Looking forward to ordering more teas!!"

"Everyone I let try my teas LOVED them...but my 13 yr old took all the old tins."

"Love your tea!! Yasss Honey!!"

"My husband loves your teas too!"

"Can't wait to try more!"


"You make my life so much more fun! <3"

"Love your tea, the branding, and especially the clever packaging. Definitely ordering again!"

"I purchased your teas for my wellness center. We've gotten so many compliments, comments and giggles from our clients. Loving the varieties- loving the snark factor!" -Danielle from Guilford, CT

"You are all awesome! I will be a repeat customer."

"Love what you guys are all about and the tea inspiration from it. Keep doing what you're doing and can't wait to try other flavors!"

"Thanks for amazing customer service."

"Love the tea names, LOVE the wordage on the cans, we've spread the word to all our tea-friends."

"I was seriously impressed with your shipping...I barely clicked the submit order button and it was on my front step. I'm pretty sure you guys are faster than Jimmy Johns, lol :) "

"You F*CKING rock!!"

"You're amazing and so is your whole brand!!"

"Keep doing what you're doing - you're awesome."

"Y'all are AMAZEBALLS!"

"Keep the snark coming!"


"I gave these as gifts -- for Christmas, birthdays, and pick- me- ups. People LOVED them. I will be ordering again."

"I sent your teas to my friend for her birthday and she LOVED them. The delivery was super prompt and she says the tea is delicious!"

"Your teas were a big hit with friends and family!"

"Gave the tea to my daughter - she LOVED it!"

"Given as a gift at a retirement party last night...Your packaging was a HUGE hit."

"I was concerned that my more "proper" friends would take offense to the tea names, but they loved them!"

"Gave them all away as gifts. They were too great not to share."

"Everyone I've given these to L-O-V-E them!"