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      Spillin' The Tea

      Why Psychologists Want You To Befriend People Who Swear A Lot

      Why Psychologists Want You To Befriend People Who Swear A Lot

      Why Psychologists Want You To Befriend People Who Swear A Lot

      There’s a completely unfair misconception when it comes to those of us who enjoy the occasional swear word.

      If you’re like me then you’re familiar with the judgey glares of onlookers as you drop the entire contents of your purse and whisper a simple, yet well-placed, “motherfucker”. Perhaps you’ve felt the side-eye of a passerby when you stub your toe and rightfully blurt out a “shit” or “damnit”. They think we're uneducated, classless, barbarians. But they're dead fucking wrong.

      Multiple studies by psychologists indicate that these puritans should take their discriminatory looks elsewhere. In fact, these studies have come to the conclusion that those who swear make the best kind of friends because of their intelligence, self-awareness, and honesty.


      According to one study by Psychologists Kristin Joy and Timothy Jay, the skills to create a new swear word is very closely related to having high vocabulary and fluency. That’s right - people with a high IQ tend to be more adept at coming up with novel swear words, and they use them liberally.

      "People who use taboo words understand their general expressive content as well as nuanced distinctions that must be drawn to use them appropriately," the researchers wrote. "The ability to make nuanced distinction indicates the presence of more rather than less linguistic knowledge." 


      And it doesn’t stop there. A separate study urges people to go even further and befriend those who swear a lot because they’re truer to their inner-self.

      Individuals who tend to swear are more at ease with expressing themselves. It’s those that tend to mince their words or hold back entirely we should be wary of.


      A series of crime case studies examined whether or not honest people tend use more of our favorite four-letter words. They found that innocent suspects are more likely to curse than a guilty one. Not just that, but if you swear during a testimony, you are seen as more credible. 

      So go ahead and keep it up fellow potty-mouthed brethren! Society could use more kind-hearted, honest individuals like us and our friends are lucky as hell to have us.

      You’re welcome.

      XOXO Tea & Sisterhood Forever,

      Jenni-Lyn Williams

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      15 Reasons Your Mom Would Totally Be Arrested Today

      15 Reasons Your Mom Would Totally Be Arrested Today

      Being a parent today, I’m amazed (and wildly jealous) when I think about the things our moms got away with.

      Why was I allowed to play tag on our street at 10pm on a school night when I was 12? Is it okay that I was cooking Chef Boyardee on the stove before I knew how to divide? Seems fairly unsafe now, but at the time… it was totally cool.

      In the spirit of this approaching Mother’s Day, let's take a look at how being a mother has evolved over the past 30 years. Here are 15 things your mom did that you'd totally be judged for (and maybe even arrested for) today.
      1. She left you in the backseat for a couple of hours while you slept (in her defense the window was cracked).
      2. Allergies schmallergies... peanut butter for everyone.
      3. Second hand smoke wasn’t a thing yet.

      4. Seat belts were more of a suggestion.
      5. You were totally allowed to walk to the playground alone. 5 miles away.
      6. There was no age requirement for the front seat (SHOTGUN!).
      7. Did you even own a bike helmet?

      8. Your mom put your 12 year old sister in charge all summer.
      9. You waited in the car while she was in the store; if you were lucky she’d leave the radio on.
      10. 3 kids under 4 in a bathtub unsupervised.
      11. Soda with every meal.

      12. Sunblock was a longshot.
      13. Apple juice was a health food.
      14. You had a blast riding in the back of your uncles pickup truck.

      15. Best preschool? The closest one. 

      So even if you're having a horrible day, mom, just remember that no matter how bad you think you're f**king up, your kids will be fine. I mean, we turned out okay (for the most part)!



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      Why cursing is good for your health.

      Why cursing is good for your health.

      Did you know that swear words make up almost one percent of our daily vocabulary? According to research done by Timothy Jay, psychological scientist and author of Cursing in America, it’s true.

      And it turns out, that’s not such a bad thing. Dropping your favorite four-letter-word might actually be good for you.

      Read more

      NO SH*T! People with kids are basically insane.

      NO SH*T! People with kids are basically insane.

      A few years back, a study made headlines after revealing that childless couples in the United States were happier than those with kids.

      Do you remember that? I do. It was reported a few months after I had my daughter. I remember thinking… “oh shit, what did I do?!"

      The study concluded that parents in this country suffer from anxiety and stress due to a lack of policies supporting them. On average, an American parent reports being 12 percent unhappier than a non-parent in America. It was the biggest gap of the 22 countries surveyed. Damn.

      Anyway, like I said, I never forgot that report; and I never could have guessed how much it would totally rock my world.

      As my daughter approached 6-months-old, I found myself overwhelmed by the same anxiety the study talked about (UGH - I hate foreshadowing). Working 40 hours a week, going back to school to get my MBA, and having a baby under one was damn near impossible

      I was ALWAYS tired (my eye bags had eye bags), my paycheck was basically being direct deposited into her daycare, and I didn’t even get to see her for more than a few hours a day during the week. I kept going back to the study in my mind; I was becoming one of those unhappy people. F******k.

      That’s when I decided to flip the script. I would not become a statistic. I would find my happiness and balance WITH children. A few months later, I started Snarky Tea. (Still searching for that whole happiness and balance thing).

      Starting this company was my attempt at spending more time with my kid while following my hustle and encouraging women with humor. I know this isn't the perfect option for everyone and honestly, some days it feels like the worst f**king option for me. 

      Then I remember that no matter what our work/life status (work from home, stay at home, in the office, nightshift, student, badass single mom) being a mom is hard

      But it doesn't mean we're doomed to be totally miserable. At the end of day (most days), I'm glad that it's the choice I've made and the path I'm on. And I have to tell you, when I get a sticky fruit snack kiss and an "I love you mom", it's totally worth it.


      Not another statistic (but still really tired)


      Do you know a badass mom?




      Parenting got you stressed AF?



      10 Mom Memes That Are Too Real


      25 Memes For Finals Week

      25 Memes For Finals Week

      Finals week is upon us.

      For the next two weeks college students all across the country will be sharpening their pencils, grabbing their tissues and crying uncontrollably. 

      We've pulled together our favorite 25 memes about finals week for all of those students who should be studying. 

      PS - Our College Care Kit is a great way to send support (and some shade) to your fav college kid!

      25 Memes For Finals Week

      1. Oh ... Damn.

      2. What the teachers lounge looks like right now...
      3. HAHAHA, no, no of course not.
      4. So THAT'S what it stands for.
      5. I'll just get a couple of things done first...
      6. You got those reports yet?
      7. Wear your heart on your sleeve (and leg).
      8. I'm gonna need a bigger hose.
      9. I do the same thing with my bank account.
      10. If I'm gonna be failure, you're coming with me.
      11. Helpful hint.
      12. Manners are important!
      13. Omg I totally AM an apple!
      14. These are a few of my least favorite things.
      15. Feeling refreshed AF.
      16. Shut up, Karen.
      17. Both.
      18. JK though.
      19. You are NOT going to pass.
      20. What the actual fuck...
      21. You bastard...
      22. This looks familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it.
      23. Every. Damn. Time.
      24. "Professor taught me nothing..."
      25"I wish the ring had never come to me...."

      Hey - you made it to the end!


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